Part 7: Raiding the Hill Giants

Fact: Barbarian hill giants have terrible will saves.

After returning from the medusa slaying extravaganza, the party decides to go handle a growing giant problem (medium problem?) to the northwest.

3/14: Felix scries the crap out of the giants’ camp. Sees 4 watchtowers, a castle(?), a plantation, a mine, and a tunnel (escape route, probably). Sees giants, ogres, wolves, human slaves. Also an undead haunted area at the northern end. For some reason, he can’t see inside the main building.

Felix, Malcolm, Nolan, and Gruff get on Felix’s summoned phantom steeds, ride to near the giant area.
Elbion has stuff to take care of in town, so he leaves later in the day.

After an hour of planning, a plan is made. First, cut off the giant from their resources (food + metal). Stealthily take out nearby many watchtowers, possibly charming some enemies found there to join the cause. Then head to the main building and take out the leader.
They decide to start without Elbion (since he’s not so good at the whole “being stealthy” thing).

Felix makes the team invisible. They approach the southwest watchtower from downwind. Then he takes Malcolm and Gruff through dimension door to the top of the tower. They quickly charm the giant sentry, preventing him from sounding the alarm, as well as the ogre guard at the entrance below and the boss of the tower. Nolan sprints in and charms one of the 2 dire wolf guards. Everyone then gangs up and kills the leader of the tower.
They leave some of the charmed enemies behind to keep up appearances then head over to the farm area.

Felix and Malcolm once again do their stealthy charming, Nolan snipes from the cornfields, and Gruff charges in. This doesn’t take very long. They send the human workers off to their homes to the south.
Party heads over to the nearby manor with 2 giants, one carrying a dead ogre. Malcolm sneaks in from behind them. The ogre is thrown at the enemies in the front room, but intsead takes out one of the internal walls. At the time, Gruff bashes in the back wall of the building, revealing the enemy leader “[name missing] the Whispering”. Nolan snipes a wolf through a back window. Malcolm and the giants take out the enemies in the front room.
The whispering tells Gruff to attack his allies, so he goes after Felix. Nolan keeps shooting into the house.
Then the Whispering goes to help out against Felix knows he’s in trouble, so he dimensionally shifts into the building (and throws a fireball back out, I think). The whispering then convinces Nolan to also attack his allies. Nolan moves into position and starts shooting at Felix, too. The Whispering heads back into the building to attack Felix. Felix gets thrown through one of the side walls of the building. The building was already pretty unstable. This collapses the whole thing on top of the 2 remaining wolves and the Whispering.
Felix once again gets hit by something falling on his head and passes out.
With the Whispering dead, Gruff and Nolan return to normal. Nolan runs over the Felix and takes care of his wound, Malcolm uses his curing wand a few times.
With the manor destroyed and the slaves freed, the giants no longer have a renewable source of food.

The northwest watchtower is on the way to the mines so they decide to take it over next.
Felix kills all sound around the alarm horn. Malcolm gets the guard up top to join the team for a while. Nolan makes the area plants grab on to the guards at the entrance.
With the situation greatly to their advantage, Elbion finally shows up out of nowhere and takes out the ogre+wolf pets.
The party then easily finishes off the rest of the guard and heads over to the mines.

The cave is full of ogres and grimlock workers. Felix warps the normal bunch to the back section of the cave. The ensuing fight is a pretty straightforward smackdown of weaker enemies.

The party prepares for the final assault on the main building. Their new buddies tell them about “Derikar the Terrible”, a barbarian giant who often kills his foes with a single attack (CR 14).
Felix summons a archon hound(?) and gives him instructions to attack Derikar and send a message about how the fight goes. (Metagaming: they find out that “Terrible” enemies auto-threat.)

They put as much protection on each other, mainly Elbion, and gather all their charmed minions and teleport to the middle of the main room, hoping to catch Derikar by surprise and avoid getting brutally murdered with an across to the face/neck/body. They know that if they can’t find a way to take down Derikar quickly, Felix will need to teleport the party far away. Even in that case, someone may die.
Nolan fires a Sleep Arrow, but the giant leader stays awake. Felix tries to phantasmally kill Derikar but fails (but still hurts him a little). Malcolm magically suggests Derikar to throw his axe away. Malcolm looks like a smart/cool dude, so he’s got no problem disarming himself. Gruff and minions charge in and attack the giant’s minions. Derikar punches Gruff in the face, almost killing him. Then Elbion charges in on his horse and smites the half-crap out of Derikar.
Nolan launches his 3 adamantine arrows for moderate damage. Then Felix finishes off Derikar with some sort of spell or something, I think.
With the leader taken care of, the party still has to deal with the 7 ballistas on the roof as well as the remaining giant forces.
As they head up the stairs or towards the entrance and start bashing the remaining enemies, Nolan has the sudden urge to start killing his friends, again, and starts shooting at Felix again. (Probably some subconscious resentment from the whole deal with the shadow demon, plus the whole “elves suck” thing.) Fortunately, Felix has several fake copies of himself and Nolan hit only the fakes.
Felix searches for the invisible cause of Nolan’s betrayal and spots an ogre mage, invisible, above Derikar’s seat. The mage tries blasting the team with a fireball.
Elbion, seeing this, rides down the stairs and leaps up, quickly killing the mage.

They then go on to finish off the remaining giants, ogres, and wolves, just in time to man the ballistas to shoot down the defenders of the remaining 2 watchtowers who were responding to the alarms from the main building.

Then they go back home to spend their new-found wealth and to train for a few months.



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