Overconfident Archer (Ranger). Maybe you've heard of him?


13 HP
AC: 17 (10 + 4 dex + 3 armor)

STR: 13
DEX: 19
CON: 15
INT: 16
WIS: 17
CHA: 12

Longbow, studded leather armor, rapier

Quick draw (Draw weapon as free action)
Self-sufficient (+2 healing, survival)

Devotee of the Green (+1 Knowledge -Geo,Nature)

Favored enemy: goblin

Trained skills:
Climb, Craft (Bow), Heal, Intimidate, Knowledge (Geography, Nature), Perception, Ride, Stealth, Survival

Level 4:
48 HP
Dex: 20

New Feats: Endurance, Rapid Shot, Mounted Combat
Favored Terrain: Underground
New Skills: Disable device, Swim
New Weapons: Longsword, +1 Mastercraft +1STR Composite Longbow
Iomadaean Mark of Valor (+10 HP)

Level 5:
61 HP
New Feats: Deadly Aim, Blindfight (Fame achievment bonus)
Favored Enemy: dragon (+4)

Level 7:
75 HP
AC: 23 (10+ 5 dex + 8 armor), DR: 1/- (armor)
New Feats: Manyshot(6R), Precise Shot(7)
Spells: 2 level 1, 1 level 2 per day, as level 4 caster


Neutral Good.

1. Fame
2. Farms
3. Good

1. Overconfident
2. resents elves
3. older brother owes a lot of money on his bow shop in Willowfields.
After obtaining the owed item, 3rd complication changed to:
3a. Curious (prefers to try things than not try things unless there is a good reason not to.)

Nolan got it in his head at a young age that he would be famous.
His dad made + sold bows in Willowfields, but the shop struggled due to superior elven competition. Nolan learned how to shoot and make bows here.
So Nolan took odd jobs in the area. Mostly local farmers, learned a lot about plants and animals from them.
One job he got hired to do was to remove a badger who was wrecking crops. He failed to find it for days, so an elven ranger was brought in. The ranger made the badger his pet. Nolan, with his skill with a bow and knowledge of farm animals and plants, decided he could become a ranger and started, well, rangering, on a semi-professional level.

(Yes, the name was stolen from this guy .)

Level 4
Carries masterwork thieves’ tools, composite longbow.
Access to: Iestia (elf/scout village), Green Circle (druids near Willowfields)
Brother’s debt is owed to a paladin in Willowfields, who will consider it repaid if Nolan slays the medusa in the ruins north of Willowfields.

Level 5
Has given blood for evil rituals on multiple occasions.
Thanks to some help from a certain Bard, is now slightly famous in the region around Willowfields.
Is prone to try potentially dangerous things with unknown effects, due to recent fortunate experiences (troll companion).

Level 7
New Armor: Reth’s Mithrale Breastplate (receives bonuses of both mithral+adamantium), +2 max dex bonus, DR 1/-, obtained in Band of the Burning Hand universe from Reth.
Obtained and Efficient Quiver (or is in the process of doing so).
After taking part in a world-changing event, took some time to help out around his hometown, which is now the main focus of the campaign (since it’s the largest known free civilization, if not the only large one remaining in the world. But then again, we know nothing of the world outside our continent, if there is any at all).


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