Captain Nathan Ryngar

Former Castle Tel'Vinor guard captain, recently brought back from being turned to stone.


Level 9 Fighter

AC: 26
HP: 89
Init: 3
Saves: 11/7/7 (+2 vs fear)

+1 spell-storing longsword. +19/+14 1d8+10, crit 19-20
Heavy crossbow
+1 Mithril shield
+1 full plate
+1 Cloak of Resistance

Max dex: +3
armor check: -4
movement in heavy armor: 30 ft

15 (9th level, +4 CHA, +2 for having a base):
Up to 7th level cohort, level 3, 2 level 2, 20 level 1 followers.
Disruptive, combat reflexes, power attack, combat expertise, (dazzling display?)

UMD: 18
Arcane spell failure: 40%

level 3:
1 heroism
1 keen edge
level 2:
1 mirror image
1 bull’s strength
1 protection from arrrows
level 1:
2 endure elements
2 true strike
2 magic missile
3 others.
level 0:
4 light


Fighter with arcane training.

He comes from a time of higher learning and thus is more skilled than people of present day.

He should provide much needed insight into the past, forgotten fight against the Dark Lord. He spends his time at Fort Scatterhawk, growing an elite force to join in the coming battles against the forces of darkness.

Captain Nathan Ryngar

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